Sitecore – Server side evaluation of Sitecore Forms conditions

In my previous post i’ve described how you can bypass the Sitecore Forms validation, and a workaround to solve the problem. This workaround however breaks the conditional required fields which are the fields that will be hidden or shown depending on the conditions that you can configure on a field.

The conditions are evaluated only on the client side, which makes it impossible to determine if a field should be required on the server side. The only way to determine this, is to evaluate the same conditions server side. I’ve created some code that does exactly this.

About the library

This library will make it possible to evaluate the conditions that can be placed on a Sitecore Form field server side. Normally this is only done client side, which makes it impossible to do proper server side validation for required fields. Furthermore, fields that are made hidden with conditions will still be posted to the server, which makes it difficult to interpret the data that is posted.

If you want to evaluate the conditions server side, all you need to do is to get an instance of the IFieldConditionsEvaluator and call the method Evaluate passing the ID of the form, and a list of the posted fields. This will evaluate all the conditions on the fields, and return a dictionary containg the fields for which a condition matches, and their respective actions.

You can find the library here on my github.


  • Set the IsRequired property to false on fields that are hidden or disabled due to conditions.
  • Set the Value to null on fields that are hidden or disabled due to conditions.
  • Fix the bypassing of validation and overposting fields, blog post here.
  • Expose an interface which can be used to determine what the active actions on a field are after evaluating the conditions.

Limitations to posted fields

Due the the fix for bypassing validation and overposting fields, there is a limited subset to the fields that can be posted from a Sitecore Form. The fields that are allowed are:

  • Files
  • ItemId
  • Value
  • ConfirmEmail
  • ConfirmPassword

If you have any fields that you want to be able to post, edit the MW.Feature.FormConditions.ModelBinding.config file, and add your own fields to the MW.Feature.FormConditions.AllowedFields setting.

Disabling functionality

If you just want to make use of the IFieldConditionsEvaluator and do not require any of the other functionality, just remove the config file named MW.Feature.FormConditions.ModelBinding.config.

If you want to disable the limitations for the posted fields, open the config file named MW.Feature.FormConditions.ModelBinding.config and set the setting named MW.Feature.FormConditions.ModelBinding.config. to false.

Sitecore Versions


I’ve tested this on 10.1 but it should work on Sitecore 9.0 and upwards. You might have to add a Assembly Redirect.

Checking the status of a field within a SubmitAction

using MW.Feature.FormConditions.ActionTypes;
using MW.Feature.FormConditions.Evaluators;
using Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection;
using Sitecore.DependencyInjection;
using Sitecore.ExperienceForms.Models;
using Sitecore.ExperienceForms.Processing;
using Sitecore.ExperienceForms.Processing.Actions;
using System;

namespace MW.Feature.FormConditions
    public class SampleSubmitAction : SubmitActionBase<string>
        private readonly IFieldConditionsEvaluator _fieldConditionsEvaluator;
        private readonly IActionTypeResolver _actionTypeResolver;

        public SampleSubmitAction(ISubmitActionData submitActionData) : base(submitActionData)
            _fieldConditionsEvaluator = ServiceLocator.ServiceProvider.GetService<IFieldConditionsEvaluator>();
            _actionTypeResolver = ServiceLocator.ServiceProvider.GetService<IActionTypeResolver>();

        protected override bool Execute(string data, FormSubmitContext formSubmitContext)
            //The fieldConditionResults contain a KeyValuePair of Guid,List<Guid> which contains the FieldID with the guid of the actions that are active for the field.
            var fieldConditionResults = _fieldConditionsEvaluator.Evaluate(formSubmitContext.FormId, formSubmitContext.Fields);

            //This should be the ID of the field for which you want to get the active condition actions
            var fieldId = Guid.Parse("ee7fcebe-4490-11ec-81d3-0242ac130003");
                foreach(var action in fieldConditionResults[fieldId])
                    //To get a easy representation of the action guid, we can use the ActionTypeResolver
                    if(_actionTypeResolver.Resolve(action) == ActionType.Hide)
                        //Do something because the field was hidden

            return true;

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