Sitecore CLI – Auto publish changed items with Sitecore Content Serialization

With Sitecore CLI 3.0 a few new features have popped up, and for me, the most important one for me, is being able to publish changed items automatically when using Sitecore Content Serialization. In CLI 2.0 you had the option to run sitecore publish which would just do a full publish to the WEB database.

Within CLI 3.0 you have the option to use the argument –publish with the sitecore ser push option. This means that you can run the following command to both push your changes to the master database, and to automatically publish the changes to the web database.

dotnet sitecore ser push --publish

This is great when running locally, but especially when you’re syncing your content changes within a deployment pipeline. Sitecore is currently working on making the publishing target (hardcoded to web) configurable, meaning that in a later version, you can easily support blue/green deployments using the Sitecore CLI by specifying the publishing target.

Big shout out to Nick Wesselman for being a great Product Manager for the Developer Experience @ Sitecore. If you have great feature suggestions or questions, join the #sitecore-dev-collection channel on Sitecore Slack.

PS; when updating to CLI 3.0, make sure you also update your Sitecore Management Services.

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